Reso Collect Who we are

Reso Collect is a non-profit organization, registered in Switzerland and Cameroon. It is committed to the fight against extreme poverty and the social reintegration of women and girls from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Its main activity is to offer Cameroon’s women and families equal work opportunities in order to improve socially and economically.

Since the creation of its Centre in Yassa, Reso Collect has been offering actions on plastic waste collection and environmental protection. It promotes work, with women as agents of change, and empowerment.

Our values and convictions

Dignity of people, tolerance and respect.

Encourage local actions: we are convinced that the success of women’s social and economic reintegration lies in respecting local cultures and strengthening local organizations. That is why we are present on the ground, in the neighborhoods, where we are working with men and women to build a safe and supportive environment for their development in their communities.

Any person, organization or association interested in the fight against extreme poverty among women can, without further ado, engage with us actively on the ground.

Reso Collect Mission

Our mission is to find and mobilize financial, human and material resources to implement the various initiatives and projects for the empowerment and social and economic reintegration of women and girls:

  • Provide human and social support to women;
  • Give hope and solidarity to vulnerable women;
  • Engage with women to give them a perspective;
  • Find financial, human and material resources, as well as educational tools and create odd jobs;
  • Support women in setting up development activities;
  • Provide substantial support for their development and job creation.

Our vision

- Contribute in improving the socio-economic conditions of women and girls in deprived neighborhoods;
- Implement initiatives and activities that strengthen women’s personal skills and empower girls;
- Work positively and actively with women to give them the opportunity to take charge of their own lives and decide their own future.

″When you help a man, you help a man. But when you help a woman, you work for a whole generation″.