Reso collect The Center

Women, Local Economy, and Income-Generating Activities

The Reso Collect Center is located approximately thirty kilometers from the city of Douala, in the village of Sikoum, Logbajeck district.

It serves as a meeting place and an incubator for collective initiatives with the objectives of:

  • Bringing together different groups of women and youth around promising projects related to the local economy, agricultural production and processing, as well as the creation of artisanal activities.
  • Establishing and developing collective income-generating initiatives for women and youth.

The Reso Collect Center in Cameroon houses a living and meeting space, a cassava processing workshop, and accommodations for a farming couple from the marginalized community on a cultivated area of 1 hectare.

It is primarily dedicated to agricultural activities and the processing of agricultural products.

The Sikoum Women's House: A Space For Women, By Women.

Established at the initiative of Reso Collect and local authorities, it is a secure space where women gather to discuss and build relationships. They also exchange experiences, perspectives, and find solutions to overcome extreme poverty, and live better within their communities.

Activities such as sewing classes, hygiene soap making, and literacy courses are offered.

Women and young girls, distant from the labor market, may find opportunities for training and generating family income here.

The Women's House also provides women and young girls with information on sexual and reproductive health, how to protect themselves, and how to escape various forms of gender-based violence or discrimination.