Reso collect The Center

Women, local economy and activities that generate income

The Reso Collect Center is about ten kilometers from the city of Douala, in the community of Yassa Dibamba.

It is a place where people can meet and is an incubator for collective initiatives whose objectives are:

  • to federate different groups of women around a few promising projects related to the local economy, agricultural production and processing, and the creation of artisanal activities;
  • to set up and develop collective initiatives that generate income for women;
Through these collective initiatives that generate income, it is also an opportunity, for these women, to:
  • develop education, hygiene and health projects;
  • to work and exchange on their experiences, their future perspectives and the difficulties they encounter;
  • to consider how they want to educate their children;
  • find solutions together on how to get out of extreme poverty and live better in their communities;